Friday, September 9, 2011


I love pairing bright items with basics. Bright orange shirt and purple nails, evened out by navy, white, and gray.

Top=Banana Republic (Savers, $2.50)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt=Banana Republic (Savers, $3.50)
Purse=Jimmy Choo (Savers, $40)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"If you were a bag of sugar I would have to seat-belt you myself"

Pants=Gap Outlet
Top=?(from Savers, $2.50)
Sweater=Gap (from Savers, $3)
Shoes=Steve Madden (from Savers, $3)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"If you see where you go, you not go"

Note to self: with hair parted in the middle, do not tuck it behind you ears. :)

I love matching the solid top with the patterned cardigan...especially with the top having ruffles and a fun cut to it, while the cardigan's cut is rather simple...together they have a good balance.
These pants have made it onto my go-to list. They take whatever I am wearing, make it look crisp and make me look slightly profession and completely put together. I think I could wear these with a nightshirt, moccasins, and my hair in a pony tail and I would still look stylish.
Oh, other reason I love these pants...well, this whole outfit: it helps my barely-there-curves come out to visit. Dressing for my body!

I think I put makeup on, but you can't tell. Something about having a put-together outfit and no makeup makes the natural look seems intentional. If I were in sweats and a t-shirt and no makeup, I would just seem lazy. But, really, both outfits take the same amount if effort...gotta put clothes on either way :)

Look at those curves (I know you have to look close....but they're there!)

Shoes=BC (Savers, $3)
Top=Banana Republic (clearance, $16)
Sweater=Rainforest Cafe (Savers, $2)
Jeans=Abercrombie and Fitch (Savers, $3.50)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zip Zip

This necklace has been so hard to pair with things, but I finally made it work with an outfit and it's become a favorite!

Kellie was making me laugh so I couldn't look Vogue at all

And this is what happens when someone gets me talking....

Yup, still talking, luckily this is about the clothes, not my face.

I love my pink nails with the purple, it's an extra little surprise.

Shoes=Nordstrom Rack
Shorts=J.Crew (from Saver, $3)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace=JCPenney (after Christmas, $7)
Ring=Forever 21

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Golden Day

I am actually not a sparkles person, contrary to what I am wearing in these pictures. They make me feel too fancy and overdone. Sequins or overly fancy things have always made me feel like I am trying to be the Queen of England (dressed to the nines...I don't really get that phrase) or a stripper (I'm from Nevada, I know). But I've learned that:
1. You have to own whatever you wear (unless you get it from your friends closet...kidding). Whatever you put on, if you wear it with confidence you can pull it off.
2. Pair loud articles of clothing with simpler pieces. If I were wearing a gold skirt with this....ewww. It would technically match, but look awful! I even toyed with wearing gold shoes with this, still too much for me. This trick has allowed me to get more creative with my clothes, while not looking crazy!

Attempting to have a cute wink...not really working.

Beloved elephant ring. I had one that I loved, I bought it when life was a little rough and it was a $3.95 pick me up. Well, I lot someone borrow it and they lost it! One of my best friends bought me a similar one...I almost cried when she gave it to me! Lesson learned: it's okay to let people borrow stuff, but maybe not the stuff that will leave you heartbroken if it's lost or ruined. Also, I love jewelry and other clothing items that have sentimental value, when I'm not just wearing something because it's cute or fashionable, but because there's a story.

I love the little details about an outfit, they take it to the next level. I picked this black pencil skirt out of the sea of black pencil skirts because of the buttons, they won my over! Course you'd think I could take a second to iron before wearing, oops.

Shoes=Steve Madden
Skirt=Victoria Secret (from Savers, $3)
Top=Target (clearance, $5.97)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rainy day and Red lips

Rainy day in early spring. On our way to shop at the outlets in Park City!

I look like I'm in pain.

A little monochromatic.

I love the fancy sequins paired with these olive green, army-ish pants.

Boots=Nordstrom Rack
Top=Bebe (from Plato's Closet, $10)
Sweater=Old Navy (from Savers, $2)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may first = my first post!

My first fashion post! Hurray!
This gorgeous vintage emerald dress is borrowed so I was surprised it fit me so well!
With the wide collar, big buttons, and great shape I didn't accessorize (not sure if that's spelled correctly) much. Less is more? I should have taken off my stupid hair tie from my wrist. Lets pretend it's a bracelet.
My new Marc Jacobs bag! $12. Thrift. So proud of myself on this one.
These earrings were my mothers...I don't think she ever gave them to me, but she hasn't complained about missing them! They matched this dress perfectly! In color and style.
Love this collar and the buttons, beautifully vintage. I added this Banana Republic sweater, cause even though it's May 1st, it still snowed a little today. At least it got sunny for pictures!

Benefits of construction on our street. I think when they wake me up at 6 am tomorrow I will be less perturbed...slightly.

New shoes! My faithful old black heels finally needed to be retired. Got these lovelies at Nordstrom Rack, they're Steve Madden...usually not my first choice, but these one fit my foot like they're an extension of my leg.

Realizing I can't get down.
Attempting...without tearing anything or flashing anyone! (luckily no one was around because of the construction)
I feel as agile as a sloth.
Dusting off the dirt.
No signs of my little adventure. Course that's because this is a front shot so you can't see the dirt on my bum.
Shoe=Nordstrom Rack
Dress=Vintage (from a friend)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet (clearance, $14)
Purse=Marc Jacobs (from Saver, $8)
Earrings=Mom's jewelry box :)