Friday, September 9, 2011


I love pairing bright items with basics. Bright orange shirt and purple nails, evened out by navy, white, and gray.

Top=Banana Republic (Savers, $2.50)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt=Banana Republic (Savers, $3.50)
Purse=Jimmy Choo (Savers, $40)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"If you were a bag of sugar I would have to seat-belt you myself"

Pants=Gap Outlet
Top=?(from Savers, $2.50)
Sweater=Gap (from Savers, $3)
Shoes=Steve Madden (from Savers, $3)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"If you see where you go, you not go"

Note to self: with hair parted in the middle, do not tuck it behind you ears. :)

I love matching the solid top with the patterned cardigan...especially with the top having ruffles and a fun cut to it, while the cardigan's cut is rather simple...together they have a good balance.
These pants have made it onto my go-to list. They take whatever I am wearing, make it look crisp and make me look slightly profession and completely put together. I think I could wear these with a nightshirt, moccasins, and my hair in a pony tail and I would still look stylish.
Oh, other reason I love these pants...well, this whole outfit: it helps my barely-there-curves come out to visit. Dressing for my body!

I think I put makeup on, but you can't tell. Something about having a put-together outfit and no makeup makes the natural look seems intentional. If I were in sweats and a t-shirt and no makeup, I would just seem lazy. But, really, both outfits take the same amount if effort...gotta put clothes on either way :)

Look at those curves (I know you have to look close....but they're there!)

Shoes=BC (Savers, $3)
Top=Banana Republic (clearance, $16)
Sweater=Rainforest Cafe (Savers, $2)
Jeans=Abercrombie and Fitch (Savers, $3.50)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zip Zip

This necklace has been so hard to pair with things, but I finally made it work with an outfit and it's become a favorite!

Kellie was making me laugh so I couldn't look Vogue at all

And this is what happens when someone gets me talking....

Yup, still talking, luckily this is about the clothes, not my face.

I love my pink nails with the purple, it's an extra little surprise.

Shoes=Nordstrom Rack
Shorts=J.Crew (from Saver, $3)
Sweater=Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace=JCPenney (after Christmas, $7)
Ring=Forever 21